What Happens At My Surgery

Get ready for the day that will change your vision for the rest of your life.

The day of your surgery our friendly staff will have you relax in our comfortable waiting area and fill out some minor paperwork. In our surgical prep room, we will administer a light sedative to help you relax further and talk through every step of the procedure from beginning to end.

When you enter our surgical suite, our doctors and staff will be by your side for the entire process. The surgeon uses a LenXs® Laser to make precise corneal incisions to remove the cataract and the lens and insert the new artificial Intraocular Lens (IOL) into its permanent position. All in all it takes 10-15 minutes and you’re done. It’s that simple. We will only perform surgery on one eye per day, so you will be asked to return in about two weeks for the second eye. Your eyes will be healed in a matter of days and you will be back to your normal daily activities.


Within just 30 minutes of surgery time, your life will change. You will be able to capture every memory for the rest of your life in vivid detail. We sincerely hope to see you soon so we can free you from the constraints of cataracts and poor vision.