Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery with the LenSx®

Because no two eyes are exactly the same, and no two people have the exact same vision problems, cataract surgery is unique for every patient. In the past it took the steady hand of a surgeon to make the correct incisions to improve a patient’s vision. Today, the hand-held blade is replaced with a laser for the highest precision in refractive cataract surgery.

The LenSx® Laser uses focused femtosecond laser pulses to make the most accurate incisions possible in the lens capsule, crystalline lens and the cornea. Because it is computer-controlled, your surgeon has the ability to set three-dimensional customization of your specific vision inaccuracies and automate the surgical process. The size, location, shape and thickness of all corneal incisions are precisely controllable for enhanced surgical performance. Yes, the surgeon is active in every step of the process, but the chance of human error is eliminated. The process is entirely tailored to your specifications and results in a remarkable degree of accuracy and overall vision improvement.

Patients living with astigmatism greatly benefit from the LenSx procedure in cataract surgery. LenSx, used in conjunction with a Toric Intraocular Lens, can eliminate astigmatism by creating the ideally-shaped spherical cornea.

MedEye Associates is one of the first offices in the United States to offer bladeless cataract surgery. We continue to stay on the forefront of new refractive surgery technology to provide our patients with the vision they desire to enjoy the big – and small – things in life.

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